Underwater shoot…

I’ve previously shared some of the covers I’ve shot for Vintage and Homemade Living.

I’ve also been responsible for shooting their fashion spreads, which has been good fun. For the latest issue editor Caroline set me a challenge; the feature was to showcase some wonderful retro costumes, based on vintage designs under the Esther Williams brand label.

Researching images of Esther Williams, apart from one or two where she is draped decoratively along the side of a swimming pool, the majority naturally feature her swimming…her starring role in a number of vintage movies.  So Caroline suggested we shoot an ‘underwater’ set.  So i sealed the studio and assembled my underwater housing and donned snorkel and flippers…

The sneak peek below, does not do justice to the end results.  All were shot in the studio and  composited later of course.  The images where the models are ‘diving’ were shot with the models standing on tiptoes – with their orientation changed later in post-production.  The feet and particularly the toes needed extra work as they were not ‘pointed’ in the right way for swimming.

If you have any interest in retro lifestyle I highly recommend you treat yourself to a copy of the magazine – which you can find at their website.

This month’s issue also has an interesting article on Ether Williams herself as well as a fascinating insight into the wartime codebreaking centre at Bletchley Park.





RVintage - Esther Wiliams

Vintage - Esther Wiliams

The above images feature Rayna Terror (cover image), Tilly Bachelor, and Rayna (with starfish)., and Frankie diving for the depths below.


Underwater shoot!

Underwater shoot!



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