The studio is growing!

Every time I post on my blog I seem be apologising that postings are so few and far between!   Over the past few months the studio has gone from busy to “crazy busy”…I am certainly not complaining but, because a number of new commercial clients have asked me to take over their photography, this has led to periods when I’ve been spending all my waking hours either shooting or preparing images for print, posters and web catalogues.  Consequently the blog has been sitting unattended at the back of the queue.

Anyway, it is gratifying that all my regular clients who get me to shoot their Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections have been growing too, along with their shooting requirements. Companies where I was scheduling four days to shoot a collection are now asking for seven days.

I can’t really put the success down to a single factor; I do know companies like consistency and reliability – so I keep a very tight eye on quality control…all my gear is colour calibrated, and so colour rendition is the same from shoot to shoot. I always deliver within the promised timeframe, so companies can rely on having time before the major trade shows to produce their look-books for the new collections.  A major factor in my favour is that companies are able to get rid of many of the stresses of organising a photoshoot.

Let me take the pressure and headache off you…

Here’s a typical rundown of photoshooting/image preparation:

Company provides the brief: what kind of product / how many models needed/ specific model characteristics / studio or location / style of photography needed / format for finished images / date considerations.

I look after:

  • Putting out casting calls for models
  • Forwarding shortlisted applicant details / portfolios to client
  • Organising location where needed
  • Booking models and sorting out their travel arrangements
  • Coordinating and booking ancillary team: Hair Stylists / Makeup Artists…and even staff to press outfits if they have been supplied in packets!
  • Researching / acquiring props for specific editorial shots
  • Photography – which includes logging shots in a filename format suitable for the particular company.
  • Shortlisting images; supply of proof images
  • Arranging payment for the models and team
  • Retouching / colour correcting the shortlisted images
  • Compositing where required for editorial / poster images
  • Outputting images in multiple format: print ready and web-ready versions.
  • Supply of ‘behind scenes’ images, which I supply gratis, for company PR on social networks
  • Behind scenes video – this option is rapidly gaining popularity!

Because the studio is outside of London, I am able to provide this service very competitively too.  So whether you are an established company and been let down by your current photographer, or a new company with a tight budget, feel free to drop me an email to info at retrophotostudio dot co dot uk and I will be very happy to discuss your photographic needs. You will be under no obligation, and definitely no pressure either!

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